Bible Reading – Words of Health & Eternal Life


At the end of 1526 New Testament, William Tyndale has a few brief pages with the heading: “To the Reder.”

Below is a transcription of lines 1 to 14 — first, in the original spelling and next in the modern spelling.

To the Reder.

Give diligence Reder (I exhorte the) that thou come with a pure mynde / and as the scripture sayth with a syngle eye / vnto the wordes of health / and of eternall lyfe: by the which (if we repent and beleve them) we are borne a newe / created a fresshe / and enioye the frutes off the bloud of Christ. Which bloud cryeth not for vengeaunce / as the bloud of Abel: but hath purchased / lyfe / love / faveour / grace / blessynge / and whatsoever is promysed in the scriptures / to them that beleve and obeye God: and stondeth bitwene vs and wrathe / vengeaunce / cursse / and whatsoever the scripture threateneth agaynst the vnbelevers and disobedient / which resist and …

To the Reader.

Give diligence Reader (I exhort thee) that thou come with a pure mind / and as the scripture saith with a single eye / unto the words of health / and of eternal life: by the which (if we repent and believe them) we are born anew / created afresh / and enjoy the fruits of the blood of Christ. Which blood crieth not for vengeance / as the blood of Abel: but hath purchased / life / love / favor / grace / blessing / and whatsoever is promised in the scriptures / to them that believe and obey God: and standeth between us and wrath / vengeance / curse / and whatsoever the scripture threateneth against the unbelievers and disobedient / which resist and …

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