Rise & Get Thee to Nineveh (Jonah 1)


William Tyndale published the book of Jonah around 1531. It was probably printed in Antwerp where he had earlier published the Five Books of Moses (Pentateuch) in 1530.

Below you will find the title page (Page 1), the first few lines of the prologue (Page 2-exerpt) entitled: “W.T. vn to the Christen reader” and the first few verses of Jonah, Chapter 1 (Page 40-exerpt). Tyndale’s Prologue was 38 pages long – much longer than the book of Jonah itself – which is only 4 short chapters and consisting of 7 pages in this printing from 1531.

Page 1 – Original Spelling

¶ The prophete
Ionas / with an introduccion before teachinge to vnderstonde him and the right vse also of all the scripture / and why it was written / and what is therin to be sought / and shewenge wherewith the scripture is locked vpp that he which readeth it / can not vnderstonde it / though he studie therin neuer so moch: and agayne with what keyes it is so opened / that the reader can be stopped out with no sotilte or false doctrine of man / from the true sense and vnderstondynge therof.

Page 2 (exerpt) – Original Spelling

W. T. vn to the Christen reader.

As the envious Philistenes stopped the welles of Abraham and filled them vpp with erth / to put the memoriall out of minde / to the entent that they might chalenge the grounde: even so the fleshly minded ypocrites stoppe vpp the vaynes of life which are in the scripture / with the erth of theyr tradicions / false similitudes & lienge allegories: & that of like zele / to make the scripture theyr awne possession & marchaundice: and so shutt vpp the kingdome of heven which is Gods worde nether enteringe in them selues nor soferinge them that wolde.

Page 40 (exerpt) – Original Spelling

¶ The Storie of the prophete Ionas.

The first Chapter.

The worde of the lorde came vn to the prophete Ionas the sonne of Amithai sayenge: ryse & gett the to Niniue that greate citie & preach vn to them / how that theyr wekednesse is come vpp before me.

¶ And Ionas made him ready to fle to Tharsis from the presens of the lorde / & gatt hym downe to Ioppe / and founde there a sheppe ready to goo to Tharsis / & payed his fare / & went aborde / to goo with them to Tharsis from the presens of the lorde.

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