Master Save Me (Matthew 14:28-33)

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This is a portion of the Gospel of Matthew as published in the 1526 Tyndale New Testament. I have included a screenshot of the original page as it is found at with my transcription of the text under the original blackletter script. Modern day spelling of words which may not be recognizable are enclosed in parentheses. For example, where the original has “shyppe,” I have transcribed “shyppe(ship).”

Matthew 14:28-33

14:28 Peter answered, and sayde (said): master, and
thou be he, bidde (bid) me come vnto (unto) the (thee)
on the water.
14:29 and he sayde (said) come. And when Peter was
come doune (down) out of the shyppe (ship), he
walked on the water, to go to Jesus.
14:30 But when he sawe (saw) a myghty (mighty)
winde (wind), he was afrayed (afraid). And as he
began to synke (sink), he cry-ed (cried) sayinge
(saying): master save me.
14:31 And immediatly (immediately) Je-sus (Jesus)
stretched forth his honde (hand), and caught him, and
saide (said) to hym (him): O thou of lytell (little)
fayth (faith): wherfore (wherefore) diddest (didst)
thou dout (doubt)?
14:32 And as soone (soon) as they were come
in to (into) the shippe (ship), the winde (wind)
ceassed (ceased).
14:33 Then they that were in the shippe (ship)
cam (came) and worshypped (worshipped) him,
sayinge (saying): of a truth thou arte (art) the
sonne (son) off (of) God.

Does this help those of you unfamiliar with blackletter script to be able to read from the original 1526 Tyndale New Testament?

Thanks for reading!

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