Jesus is Emmanuel (God With Us)

Listen to page 3 of the Tyndale New Testament published in the year of 1526. It is read by a computer synthesized voice. Page 3 is Matthew 1:20 to 2:6 and includes the portion of Scripture where the unborn Jesus is called Emmanuel.

The name Emmanuel means: “God with us.” I am sure there are many things this name indicates to us about Jesus. These are just two I can think of, at the moment. One: It indicates His Divinity, and two: it may reference His coming to earth in human form.

I am thankful William Tyndale made the brave decision to translate the New Testament from Greek into English despite the threat of cruel punishment he faced. It is a compliment to his skill as a translator that so much of his work is reflected in the King James Bible which came about 85 years later.

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