The English Hexapla (1841) – 1380 WICLIF to 1611 AUTHORIZED

Today I wanted to tell you about an interesting book published in 1841 called The English Hexapla. It is a parallel Bible showing the text of the New Testament from six of the earliest English Bible translations. It starts with the 1380 Wiclif (also spelled Wycliffe) and ends with the 1611 Authorized (also called the King James Version). The title page is shown below:


It is very helpful in comparing these early English Bibles. I wanted to show you just how different the 1380 Wiclif is compared to the 1534 Tyndale. For one thing, these New Testaments are 150 years apart. Also, the 1380 Wiclif is written in Middle English and the 1534 Tyndale is written in Early Modern English. To help you understand I have chosen a well-known verse from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 2. The image below shows the 1380 Wiclif in column 1 and the 1534 Tyndale in column 2.


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